Film Sequence

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In three images, I drew an idea of the film sequence. The first picture shows a boy who wakes up in the morning then he goes to the attic and he finds an old book in a box. He opens the book and he travels into the book world. He realizes that he is in the Dracula world and he has to go to Dracula’s castle. He will fight Dracula and when Dracula is dead then the boy will travel back into real life.


In the second image, it shows the boy stating he’ll never open the book again, and he leaves the attic. A little girl finds the book and shows it to the boy. The girl opens the book and boy tries stop it but it is too late, they are both going back to the book world and this time it is Moby Dick.


The third picture shows the boy and girl back in the normal world. The girl throws the book away but an old man picks up the book and he opens it. Now the boy, girl and old man travel to the Planet of the Apes world.


I had another idea for a film sequence and a story about three friends who travel from real life to Dracula’s world. Also I added ideas of characters that play other characters from Dracula’s world.


Little Red Riding Hood

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I added the idea of the classic book and this time it is Little Red Riding Hood because it has perfect colours of red from a girl’s hood and black for a wolf. The first picture shows Little Red Riding Hood behind the wolf with a bright white moon. I added a bold red colour on the girl’s hood and wolf’s eyes. I like it because it more outstanding colours and eye-catching red colour on Little Red Riding Hood. In the second image, I used the first picture, but I changed the wolf’s face. I like it because it is scarier than the first picture.

littleredridinghood littleredridinghood2

I have changed a tree and moved the white moon in the third and fourth   pictures. On the fifth image, I added close-ups of Little Red Riding Hood with bright red and white colours and also I put the wolf’s bold white eyes and teeth on the black background. I really like it because it makes it stand out on the image.

littleredridinghood3 littleredridinghood4 littleredridinghood5

I had other ideas for Little Red Riding Hood and this time the wolf stands on the tree and he looks down at the Little Red Riding Hood. I added leaves from the tree to make the wolf bigger than the tree. There are two different wolf’s faces in the two images.

littleredridinghood6 littleredridinghood7

I used the same last two images but I changed the colour on the background. I like the second picture because it is clear to see the image and it is eye-catching with the colours (red, black, white and grey).

littleredridinghood8 littleredridinghood9

I have different ideas of simple Little Red Riding Hood images and it shows a girl and a wolf merged together with gradient colours (black, white and grey). I like the first picture because it has a very simple silhouette image and people will know which book it is from.

littleredridinghood10 littleredridinghood11

Little Red Riding Hood was not added in final eight images, because Dracula, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Moby Dick and Sherlock Holmes are aimed at an adult audience with horror. I will keep Little Red Riding Hood images for the future.

Final Trailer

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I had two final trailers and the first one looked fine, but it changed in the second final trailer. In the second final trailer, it showed two different colours between normal world (colour) and book world (sepia with ‘old paper’ from the book). I am very happy with my second final trailer because the animation worked really well.

I will explain the story from the final trailer:

  1. Logo of ’16’ is the target audience.
  2. Logo of ‘Square Enix’ shows which video game company it is.
  3. Main character, Andrew wake up and well-know line “Call me Andrew” (link to “Call me Ishmael”)
  4. Andrew finds a message from his friend.
  5. Andrew waits for a bus.
  6. Andrew falls asleep and a book has a strange light coming from it.
  7. Andrew falling down into the book world from the normal world.
  8. Andrew lying down in sea and a ship comes to save him.
  9. Andrew doesn’t know where he is and he finds out that he’s on the ship. He heard something coming towards him.
  10. Andrew meets Captain Ahab and he is shocked to find out he’s in the Moby Dick book. The title is ‘The Book World’

Final Trailer One

Final Trailer Two

Story and Test in animation

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I created ideas in screenshots of the story in trailer, but I had to choose a few images to create animation and shorten them to one minute.

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4_3 screenshot5 screenshot6_2 screenshot7_2 screenshot8 screenshot9 screenshot10 screenshot11 screenshot12 screenshot13 screenshot14 screenshot15 screenshot16 screenshot17 sky Captain Ahab moby-dick

I tested the animation with two different colours (one for sepia and one for black & white) but both test animations were only 13 seconds, so I needed more animation to target one minute or more.

test test2

I added more animation pictures and I checked into make sure everything worked. All images are perfect animation and it was ready for the final trailer.

1 2 3 4 4a 5 7 8 9_sepia 9 10 11 12 ahab_sepia ahab2 falldown meet_ahab_sepia meet_ahab2

Final Main Character

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I used different types of fonts for the main character’s logo on the hood. There are six different (views of front, side and back). I chose the fifth image for the final main character because it has good colour and makes it look like real life.

a andrew andrew2 andrew3 andrew4 andrew5 andrew6

Screenshots of Moby Dick (1956)

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I looked at screenshots from the film ‘Moby Dick’ (1956) and I selected a few sequences for animation to make a short one min trailer.

Captain Ahab ahab2 ahab3 ahab4 moby-dick_the-leviathon-rises moby-dick mobydick mobydick2 screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot10 screenshot11 screenshot12 screenshot14 screenshot15 screenshot16 screenshot18 screenshot19 screenshot20 screenshot21 screenshot22 screenshot23 screenshot24 screenshot25 54-17-01/10A screenshot29 screenshot30

Ideas of Trailer

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Now I had to choose one book to make a trailer for the game and I chose Moby Dick because Moby Dick is more interesting than the other three books. I started researching the story of Moby Dick and I watched three DVDs (Moby Dick in 1956, 1998 and 2010). I selected a few sequences for animation from the films.

dvds dvd

I started four different ideas of storyboards and I had to select ten images from the storyboards to make a short one min trailer.

scan57 scan58 DSC01023 DSC01024

I researched artists to find any links to water, sea or boats, I found four different artists:

Albert Pinkham Ryder

albert_pinkham_ryder albert_pinkham_ryder2 albert_pinkham_ryder3 albert_pinkham_ryder4 albert_pinkham_ryder5

J.M.W Turner

jmw_turner jmw_turner2 jmw_turner3 jmw_turner4 jmw_turner5

LeRoy Neiman

LeRoy_Neiman LeRoy_Neiman2 LeRoy_Neiman3 LeRoy_Neiman4 LeRoy_Neiman5

Zachary Johnson

looper-animated-trailer looper-animated-trailer2 looper-animated-trailer3 looper-animated-trailer4 looper-animated-trailer5

I looked at simple video games as research for my game trailer:


journey-game-screenshot-1 journey-game-screenshot-2 journey-game-screenshot-3 journey-game-screenshot-4 journey-game-screenshot-5

The Unfinished Swan

unfinishedswan_logo unfinished-swan The-Unfinsihed-Swan garden_island_profile_2 06


limbo-title screenshot01-800x450 screenshot02-800x450 screenshot03-800x450 screenshot04-800x450

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

tumblr_l3rbuy1qA21qbzf0vo1_500 WindWaker-2 Zelda WW 24 zelda-wind-waker gfs_50820_2_6

Shadow of the Colossus

sotc-art-card1 sotc-art-card2 sotc-art-card3