My Final Major Project

My title of project is ‘Flood in Hull’ and development ideas for graphic novel. The story is about a deaf boy who waking up and heslowly realises that things in Hull have changed into flood. He slowly realises and meets other people that are also Deaf. The boy learns that Hearing killed by a strange sound but Deaf people not affected. Deaf now in world with technology still for hearing, but no hearing left. TV and radio was working but nothing happened. The reader doesn’t have to know from the start what has happened and keep them guessing. I feel graphic novel is a big project and has lots of writing of the story make me difficult project. I want to focus on my skills (computer with Adobe Photoshop) and use same story. I make my story visual scenes and sequences of pictures showing me (hero) with different backgrounds (pictures of streets, areas and town in Hull). a_title

~ by ahutton8 on June 10, 2014.

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