Influences, Research, Sources and Ideas

I started by writing a list of my own choosing and I chose create graphic novel and post apocalyptic.


I started five different mind maps for: genres, characters, character’s jobs, character abilities and Hull. I also added list of how a character grows (character Arc) and build a character.

Scan2 Scan3 Scan4 Scan5 Scan36Scan6 Scan7

I started write an idea of story in graphic novel: post-apocalyptic, time travel, supernatural, crime, stealth, action, thriller, mystery, survival horror, superhero, driver, drama, fantasy and Moby Dick in space. I started write an idea of a simple visual map of a story and it shows how the story progresses from start to end.

Scan8 Scan9 Scan10 Scan11 Scan12 Scan13 Scan14 Scan15 Scan16 Scan17 Scan18 Scan19 Scan20 Scan21 Scan22 Scan23

My initial idea was related to post-apocalyptic events in particular that something happens which results in survival of only the deaf. I created a list of title names for graphic novel. I first chose ‘Tomorrow’s world – The Silence’ but later I changed my mind and the title is ‘Flood in Hull’.

Scan24 Scan34 Scan35 Scan37

I used the Internet to help me research and to look for similar to flood and examples of flood. I looked at similar novel books, films and video games as research: Flood (novel, 2002), The Drowned World(novel, 1962), Flood Child (novel, 2009), Flood and Fire (novel, 2010), Flood (film, 2007), Hard Rain (film, 1998), Deep Impact (film, 1998), Hours (film, 2013), Raw Danger (video game, 2007) and The Legend of Zelda: The WindWaker (video game, 2013).

floodTheDrownedWorld(1stEd)FloodChild FloodAndFireflood_dvdHard_rain Deep_ImpactHours2013raw_dangerTheWindWakerHD

I researched artists to find any links to post-apocalyptic, I found one artist: John Martin (painter).

John_Great_Day_of_His_Wrath John_Martin_-_Manfred_on_the_Jungfrau_(1837) John_Martin_-_Sodom_and_Gomorrah John_Martin_Manfred_and_the_Alpine_Witch john-martin-apocalypse-ta-008

I take photo of Hull and I also researched to find images of Hull from the Internet.

bus3 guildhall3 guildhall2 guildhall deaf_club cars

I started drawing main character and I have different ideas for logo (three crowns). Also I have drawn character’s faces, building of Hull, Cochlear implants and title ‘The Silence World’.

Scan25 Scan26 Scan27 Scan28 Scan29 Scan30 Scan31 Scan32 Scan33

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