Film Sequence

In three images, I drew an idea of the film sequence. The first picture shows a boy who wakes up in the morning then he goes to the attic and he finds an old book in a box. He opens the book and he travels into the book world. He realizes that he is in the Dracula world and he has to go to Dracula’s castle. He will fight Dracula and when Dracula is dead then the boy will travel back into real life.


In the second image, it shows the boy stating he’ll never open the book again, and he leaves the attic. A little girl finds the book and shows it to the boy. The girl opens the book and boy tries stop it but it is too late, they are both going back to the book world and this time it is Moby Dick.


The third picture shows the boy and girl back in the normal world. The girl throws the book away but an old man picks up the book and he opens it. Now the boy, girl and old man travel to the Planet of the Apes world.


I had another idea for a film sequence and a story about three friends who travel from real life to Dracula’s world. Also I added ideas of characters that play other characters from Dracula’s world.


~ by ahutton8 on June 12, 2013.

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