Little Red Riding Hood

I added the idea of the classic book and this time it is Little Red Riding Hood because it has perfect colours of red from a girl’s hood and black for a wolf. The first picture shows Little Red Riding Hood behind the wolf with a bright white moon. I added a bold red colour on the girl’s hood and wolf’s eyes. I like it because it more outstanding colours and eye-catching red colour on Little Red Riding Hood. In the second image, I used the first picture, but I changed the wolf’s face. I like it because it is scarier than the first picture.

littleredridinghood littleredridinghood2

I have changed a tree and moved the white moon in the third and fourth   pictures. On the fifth image, I added close-ups of Little Red Riding Hood with bright red and white colours and also I put the wolf’s bold white eyes and teeth on the black background. I really like it because it makes it stand out on the image.

littleredridinghood3 littleredridinghood4 littleredridinghood5

I had other ideas for Little Red Riding Hood and this time the wolf stands on the tree and he looks down at the Little Red Riding Hood. I added leaves from the tree to make the wolf bigger than the tree. There are two different wolf’s faces in the two images.

littleredridinghood6 littleredridinghood7

I used the same last two images but I changed the colour on the background. I like the second picture because it is clear to see the image and it is eye-catching with the colours (red, black, white and grey).

littleredridinghood8 littleredridinghood9

I have different ideas of simple Little Red Riding Hood images and it shows a girl and a wolf merged together with gradient colours (black, white and grey). I like the first picture because it has a very simple silhouette image and people will know which book it is from.

littleredridinghood10 littleredridinghood11

Little Red Riding Hood was not added in final eight images, because Dracula, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Moby Dick and Sherlock Holmes are aimed at an adult audience with horror. I will keep Little Red Riding Hood images for the future.

~ by ahutton8 on June 6, 2013.

6 Responses to “Little Red Riding Hood”

  1. Hello, I have seen a lot of the images on your page and am very impressed. I am designing a theatre programme for the company Fabba (Theatre for special needs) and I wanted to ask if I may use one to put on a theatre programme. This production in non touring and is small scale set at the seagull theatre in Lowestoft. I wanted to ask you as I thought it would be polite to do so. Your image would be on the front and back cover. Again I hope you do not mind me asking, I am aware, someone of your expertise must be incredibly busy, but after scaling the internet and designing several covers, your cover came out the best.

    • I would be honoured if you used my art work for your theater program, would you please put a link to my wordpress on the booklet so others can see my projects, also if you could send me a copy in the post I would be most grateful, I could add it to my portfolio.
      Many thanks Andrew

  2. Hello ~ I am working on a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Indiana — it’s a Halloween Gala with a Fairy Tale theme. I LOVE your Little Red Riding Hood and am seeking permission to use the image. We’d be glad to credit you and also provide you with poster copies, etc. Thank you so much.

  3. Hey I’m writing a story on Wattpad about Red Riding Hood and so I’m wondering if I could use your pictures for my cover photo?

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