Final Trailer

I had two final trailers and the first one looked fine, but it changed in the second final trailer. In the second final trailer, it showed two different colours between normal world (colour) and book world (sepia with ‘old paper’ from the book). I am very happy with my second final trailer because the animation worked really well.

I will explain the story from the final trailer:

  1. Logo of ’16’ is the target audience.
  2. Logo of ‘Square Enix’ shows which video game company it is.
  3. Main character, Andrew wake up and well-know line “Call me Andrew” (link to “Call me Ishmael”)
  4. Andrew finds a message from his friend.
  5. Andrew waits for a bus.
  6. Andrew falls asleep and a book has a strange light coming from it.
  7. Andrew falling down into the book world from the normal world.
  8. Andrew lying down in sea and a ship comes to save him.
  9. Andrew doesn’t know where he is and he finds out that he’s on the ship. He heard something coming towards him.
  10. Andrew meets Captain Ahab and he is shocked to find out he’s in the Moby Dick book. The title is ‘The Book World’

Final Trailer One

Final Trailer Two

~ by ahutton8 on June 6, 2013.

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