Sherlock Holmes

This picture shows a white silhouette of Sherlock Holmes behind a black building with a bright white moon.



I had six different ideas of Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of the Baskervilles. All images show Sherlock looking at the black dog or hellhound. I like the forth picture because it is eye-catching with a bold black silhouette dog behind a bright white moon. I added tone from black to grey in the background to make it scarier.

sherlockholmes1 sherlockholmes2 sherlockholmes3 sherlockholmes4 sherlockholmes5 sherlockholmes6

I changed the forth picture to add other idea, this time I added a large grey dog or wolf behind Sherlock Holmes. I like the image but I still believe the forth picture is better because people will know what it is.

sherlockholmes7 sherlockholmes8

I used the forth picture and I added a bold red colour to the dog’s eyes and scratches on the black silhouetted tree. I like it because it has same colours (black, white grey and red) as Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and Dracula.


This picture makes it simple to know which book it is and it shows a white silhouette of Sherlock Holmes on the big black dog with a grey background. The next image I changed and this time I added white dog’s eyes and teeth on the black silhouette of Sherlock. I like the second image because it will make people know which book it is.

sherlockholmes10 sherlockholmes11


~ by ahutton8 on June 5, 2013.

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