Moby Dick

This picture I really because it is interesting, a black silhouette of the ship ‘Pequod’ with a bright white moon and a whale’s tail makes an outstanding image.


The second image, I don’t like. I used the first picture and I changed the background colours from grey to blue but the grey colour looked better on the background.


I removed the whale’s tail and I added a grey eye to the bright white background. This made it look like Moby Dick is large in size compared to the ship ‘Pequod’. I like it because it is an eye-catching white background with bold black-silhouetted ship, ‘Pequod’.


I had other ideas for Moby Dick; this picture shows the ship ‘Pequod’ over the whale ‘Moby Dick’. The picture that I used was an ink drawing of Moby Dick and Pequod and the colours (black, white and grey) used from Adobe Photoshop. In the next two images I used ink again and this time I added Captain Ahab and Moby Dick. I don’t like it because it looks like Japanese art.

mobydick4 mobydick5 mobydick6

I used the very first picture but I changed the black-silhouetted man to a woman and the whale’s tail changed colour (white to red). I also added a different tonal colour of red on the next three images. I like the third image because it has more outstanding colours and it links the same colours from Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Dracula and Sherlock Holmes.

mobydick9 mobydick10 mobydick11 mobydick12

I have different ideas of simple Moby Dick images and it shows a bright white Moby Dick on a black Captain Ahab with the ship ‘Pequod’. I like the first picture because it has a very simple silhouette image and people will know which book it is from.

mobydick13 mobydick14 mobydick15 mobydick16


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