Ideas of Trailer

Now I had to choose one book to make a trailer for the game and I chose Moby Dick because Moby Dick is more interesting than the other three books. I started researching the story of Moby Dick and I watched three DVDs (Moby Dick in 1956, 1998 and 2010). I selected a few sequences for animation from the films.

dvds dvd

I started four different ideas of storyboards and I had to select ten images from the storyboards to make a short one min trailer.

scan57 scan58 DSC01023 DSC01024

I researched artists to find any links to water, sea or boats, I found four different artists:

Albert Pinkham Ryder

albert_pinkham_ryder albert_pinkham_ryder2 albert_pinkham_ryder3 albert_pinkham_ryder4 albert_pinkham_ryder5

J.M.W Turner

jmw_turner jmw_turner2 jmw_turner3 jmw_turner4 jmw_turner5

LeRoy Neiman

LeRoy_Neiman LeRoy_Neiman2 LeRoy_Neiman3 LeRoy_Neiman4 LeRoy_Neiman5

Zachary Johnson

looper-animated-trailer looper-animated-trailer2 looper-animated-trailer3 looper-animated-trailer4 looper-animated-trailer5

I looked at simple video games as research for my game trailer:


journey-game-screenshot-1 journey-game-screenshot-2 journey-game-screenshot-3 journey-game-screenshot-4 journey-game-screenshot-5

The Unfinished Swan

unfinishedswan_logo unfinished-swan The-Unfinsihed-Swan garden_island_profile_2 06


limbo-title screenshot01-800x450 screenshot02-800x450 screenshot03-800x450 screenshot04-800x450

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

tumblr_l3rbuy1qA21qbzf0vo1_500 WindWaker-2 Zelda WW 24 zelda-wind-waker gfs_50820_2_6

Shadow of the Colossus

sotc-art-card1 sotc-art-card2 sotc-art-card3


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