This picture I really like because it looks scary silhouette. I used cut out of the middle of the forest and I put in the image of Dracula’s castle.


The second image shows a black castle and trees with a bold yellow colour (light). A large white moon behind the castle with a shade (black and grey) background and also I added a bright white silhouette on the foreground. It is very difficult to show people which book it is and I need to add more trees and a bat because it makes people know it is Dracula.


The next picture I added a tree behind a silhouette and I used a bright white moon with light grey background. I don’t like it because there are too much trees and it is difficult to see Dracula’s castle.


I did the same on the third picture, but I deleted a few of the trees to make them clear and see the castle.


This image I have changed and this time I added Dracula’s eyes and teeth with red blood. Also I added a girl running to escape from Dracula’s castle. I cut out the tree from middle of image to make it clear and see the castle with bold white moon. I believe that red eyes and white teeth make people think it is Dracula, werewolf or evil dog.


I have five different ideas of a bat with bold red eyes to make people know it is Dracula. I like the third image because it shows the bat tries to catch the girl who escaped from the castle.

dracula10 dracula11 dracula12 dracula13 dracula14

I did the same on the third image but I moved a bold white moon behind the bat. I have other ideas and this time I change the bat to Dracula, but I like the bat because it is scarier and eye catching with the white moon behind the bat.

dracula18 dracula17

This picture I used Dracula with bold white teeth and I added a white bat and girl on the black Dracula. I like it because it is very simple to know which books it is and makes it stand out and a clear image.



~ by ahutton8 on June 5, 2013.

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