Other ideas

I have change mind for idea of game because I am happy with the first idea game (mecha vs. supernatural) but I want to create a fantasy adventure game like Fahrenheit and Final Fantasy. Also I want to add a real life and supernatural in my game because my game tell a story about a teen boy who is able to communicate with the dead. My game have similar to Heavy Rain, Fahrenheit and Shenmue because I like a real life like building, room, school and I can create anime. Also I like quick time event because it is good ideas for action in school like play football, swimming pool etc. The teen boy’s life will be difficult between communicate with the dead and spend time in school, family and friends because it is opposites between happy life and sad life. I think I like my second idea because it will be good story and great game.


~ by ahutton8 on June 15, 2011.

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