Similar Game

Psychic Force

Psychic Force​ was fighting arcade game created by Taito in 1995 which was later ported to the PlayStation in 1996. This game was a 3D fighter which combined the normal features of an arcade fighting game with psychic powers.  I don’t like violent video game like use weapon to kill people because I am not interested and it makes me boring to play the game. My ideas similar to Psychic Force because I like the characters use fight and elemental powers without weapon. Other ideas I like a hero use elemental powers to fight supernatural (villain). Supernatural can use elemental powers and if a hero defeat it then they get new elemental power.



 24: The Game

 24: The Game is a third-person shooter video game in 2006 and based on the television series, 24. It is my favorite TV series of all time because I like 24 split screen with the running clock and it shows same time and different places. The ideas I want to similar to 24 because it can use a real-time and run out of time like example if a boy need quick to defeat supernatural before school start in morning or afternoon.



Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

Persona 4 is a role-playing video game and released in 2009.This game shows it has the course of a school and it can interact with other students and characters, spend time at part-time jobs to earn money, or engage in other activities. Also the characters can enter the TV world to face the villain known as Shadows and rescue people who have disappeared. My ideas game similar to Persona 4 because it could add mini game in school like sports (football, pool etc) and course (answer the question). Also it could add group (up to 4 or 5 players) to fight supernatural.

~ by ahutton8 on May 15, 2011.

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