Method of Evaluation

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I really enjoyed this project as I have lots of ideas for story visual scenes and sequences of pictures. I really enjoy playing with different scenes ideas. I enjoy and feel I have strong skills in Adobe Photoshop and used this to make my final images. I feel proud of myself because I used what have learned and I built up my skills, this can only make me a stronger designer. I would like to carry on work with my project ‘Flood in Hull’ in future.

Techniques, Processes and Timescale

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I used Adobe Photoshop to make a sample image of a man with a touch light without a flood.

carparks deaf_club OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hull_Paragon_Railway_Station humberbridge

I presented a range of Photoshop generated images showing the effects of rising sea levels on places in Hull. I used my own photographs of places and surface reflections of water to support these developments. I used both well-known landmark sites and more unusual personal sites to reflect both the personal and more public side of this imaginary scenario.

bus guildhall5 home5 humberbridge2 queenvictoriamonument

I created a sketch effects in Photoshop to make look like a real sketch. I researched to look for how to create sketch effects Photoshop tutorial from the Internet.

story6 story10 story9 story8

I used different type font for the title ‘Flood in Hull’ and ‘Tomorrow’s world – The Silence’. I also take photo of myself and I add it behind the title.

a_title0 a_title8 a_title9 title4 title5 title7 title8

I also researched to look for how to create realistic water reflection effect in Photoshop tutorial from the Internet.


Influences, Research, Sources and Ideas

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I started by writing a list of my own choosing and I chose create graphic novel and post apocalyptic.


I started five different mind maps for: genres, characters, character’s jobs, character abilities and Hull. I also added list of how a character grows (character Arc) and build a character.

Scan2 Scan3 Scan4 Scan5 Scan36Scan6 Scan7

I started write an idea of story in graphic novel: post-apocalyptic, time travel, supernatural, crime, stealth, action, thriller, mystery, survival horror, superhero, driver, drama, fantasy and Moby Dick in space. I started write an idea of a simple visual map of a story and it shows how the story progresses from start to end.

Scan8 Scan9 Scan10 Scan11 Scan12 Scan13 Scan14 Scan15 Scan16 Scan17 Scan18 Scan19 Scan20 Scan21 Scan22 Scan23

My initial idea was related to post-apocalyptic events in particular that something happens which results in survival of only the deaf. I created a list of title names for graphic novel. I first chose ‘Tomorrow’s world – The Silence’ but later I changed my mind and the title is ‘Flood in Hull’.

Scan24 Scan34 Scan35 Scan37

I used the Internet to help me research and to look for similar to flood and examples of flood. I looked at similar novel books, films and video games as research: Flood (novel, 2002), The Drowned World(novel, 1962), Flood Child (novel, 2009), Flood and Fire (novel, 2010), Flood (film, 2007), Hard Rain (film, 1998), Deep Impact (film, 1998), Hours (film, 2013), Raw Danger (video game, 2007) and The Legend of Zelda: The WindWaker (video game, 2013).

floodTheDrownedWorld(1stEd)FloodChild FloodAndFireflood_dvdHard_rain Deep_ImpactHours2013raw_dangerTheWindWakerHD

I researched artists to find any links to post-apocalyptic, I found one artist: John Martin (painter).

John_Great_Day_of_His_Wrath John_Martin_-_Manfred_on_the_Jungfrau_(1837) John_Martin_-_Sodom_and_Gomorrah John_Martin_Manfred_and_the_Alpine_Witch john-martin-apocalypse-ta-008

I take photo of Hull and I also researched to find images of Hull from the Internet.

bus3 guildhall3 guildhall2 guildhall deaf_club cars

I started drawing main character and I have different ideas for logo (three crowns). Also I have drawn character’s faces, building of Hull, Cochlear implants and title ‘The Silence World’.

Scan25 Scan26 Scan27 Scan28 Scan29 Scan30 Scan31 Scan32 Scan33

My Final Major Project

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My title of project is ‘Flood in Hull’ and development ideas for graphic novel. The story is about a deaf boy who waking up and heslowly realises that things in Hull have changed into flood. He slowly realises and meets other people that are also Deaf. The boy learns that Hearing killed by a strange sound but Deaf people not affected. Deaf now in world with technology still for hearing, but no hearing left. TV and radio was working but nothing happened. The reader doesn’t have to know from the start what has happened and keep them guessing. I feel graphic novel is a big project and has lots of writing of the story make me difficult project. I want to focus on my skills (computer with Adobe Photoshop) and use same story. I make my story visual scenes and sequences of pictures showing me (hero) with different backgrounds (pictures of streets, areas and town in Hull). a_title

Other Sites & Links

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Hi, I’m Andrew Hutton and I am just starting out in what I am to be an exciting career being a creative. I have always loved art and illustration and would like to specialise in character design. I have skills in 3D modeling and animation using flash and I loved the actual designing of games part my degree.

I intend to design a new character each week and post it on here.

Please give me feedback, all constructive criticism is welcome.


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My final project, ‘The Book World’ is an action-adventure game and it is about a boy who falls down into the book world from real life. It will use four book classics, Dracula, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Moby Dick and Sherlock Holmes. I really enjoyed this project as I have lots of ideas for characters, animation and storyboard designs. I feel I am a strong character animation designer and really enjoy playing with different animation ideas. I enjoy and feel I have strong skills in Adobe Photoshop and used this to make my final trailer and final eight images. I feel proud of myself because I used what have learned and I built up my skills, this can only make me a stronger designer.

Other works

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I have other works from final project ‘The Book World’: game based, time, distance, normal world, other world, make two book together and image from newspaper.

scan3 scan4 scan5 scan6 scan7 scan14 scan59

Film Sequence

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In three images, I drew an idea of the film sequence. The first picture shows a boy who wakes up in the morning then he goes to the attic and he finds an old book in a box. He opens the book and he travels into the book world. He realizes that he is in the Dracula world and he has to go to Dracula’s castle. He will fight Dracula and when Dracula is dead then the boy will travel back into real life.


In the second image, it shows the boy stating he’ll never open the book again, and he leaves the attic. A little girl finds the book and shows it to the boy. The girl opens the book and boy tries stop it but it is too late, they are both going back to the book world and this time it is Moby Dick.


The third picture shows the boy and girl back in the normal world. The girl throws the book away but an old man picks up the book and he opens it. Now the boy, girl and old man travel to the Planet of the Apes world.


I had another idea for a film sequence and a story about three friends who travel from real life to Dracula’s world. Also I added ideas of characters that play other characters from Dracula’s world.


Little Red Riding Hood

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I added the idea of the classic book and this time it is Little Red Riding Hood because it has perfect colours of red from a girl’s hood and black for a wolf. The first picture shows Little Red Riding Hood behind the wolf with a bright white moon. I added a bold red colour on the girl’s hood and wolf’s eyes. I like it because it more outstanding colours and eye-catching red colour on Little Red Riding Hood. In the second image, I used the first picture, but I changed the wolf’s face. I like it because it is scarier than the first picture.

littleredridinghood littleredridinghood2

I have changed a tree and moved the white moon in the third and fourth   pictures. On the fifth image, I added close-ups of Little Red Riding Hood with bright red and white colours and also I put the wolf’s bold white eyes and teeth on the black background. I really like it because it makes it stand out on the image.

littleredridinghood3 littleredridinghood4 littleredridinghood5

I had other ideas for Little Red Riding Hood and this time the wolf stands on the tree and he looks down at the Little Red Riding Hood. I added leaves from the tree to make the wolf bigger than the tree. There are two different wolf’s faces in the two images.

littleredridinghood6 littleredridinghood7

I used the same last two images but I changed the colour on the background. I like the second picture because it is clear to see the image and it is eye-catching with the colours (red, black, white and grey).

littleredridinghood8 littleredridinghood9

I have different ideas of simple Little Red Riding Hood images and it shows a girl and a wolf merged together with gradient colours (black, white and grey). I like the first picture because it has a very simple silhouette image and people will know which book it is from.

littleredridinghood10 littleredridinghood11

Little Red Riding Hood was not added in final eight images, because Dracula, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Moby Dick and Sherlock Holmes are aimed at an adult audience with horror. I will keep Little Red Riding Hood images for the future.

Final Trailer

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I had two final trailers and the first one looked fine, but it changed in the second final trailer. In the second final trailer, it showed two different colours between normal world (colour) and book world (sepia with ‘old paper’ from the book). I am very happy with my second final trailer because the animation worked really well.

I will explain the story from the final trailer:

  1. Logo of ’16’ is the target audience.
  2. Logo of ‘Square Enix’ shows which video game company it is.
  3. Main character, Andrew wake up and well-know line “Call me Andrew” (link to “Call me Ishmael”)
  4. Andrew finds a message from his friend.
  5. Andrew waits for a bus.
  6. Andrew falls asleep and a book has a strange light coming from it.
  7. Andrew falling down into the book world from the normal world.
  8. Andrew lying down in sea and a ship comes to save him.
  9. Andrew doesn’t know where he is and he finds out that he’s on the ship. He heard something coming towards him.
  10. Andrew meets Captain Ahab and he is shocked to find out he’s in the Moby Dick book. The title is ‘The Book World’

Final Trailer One

Final Trailer Two